Do not count on Patek Philippe 6120P Celestial is the most elegant, precise and practical watch. Obviously, it is not its purpose. 6120P is one of Celestial watches, and it aims at displaying such a beautiful starring night in the dial. Celestial derived in 2002, and in this year, Patek Philippe launched its symbolic Ref.5102 which is simple and has moon phase. But in this new 6120P, all those elements remain and there is an extra indicator: date display.

Patek Philippe 6120p is made of 3 layers of sapphire. The first layer is the sky which looks blue; the second is the running orbit that display the moon phase. The last layer is set at the top. The biggest spot is the most shining star in the dial. Patek Philippe Ref.5120 has two hands: an hour hand and minute hand. The new 6120P has extra date display that is marked by the red mark. Although such an addition make it more practical, I think it is redundant for fake luxury watches. Patek Philippe integrated it into the dial, which is a wise choice as the glaring bezel would damage the harmony of the deep blue panel.

As we mentioned before, Patek Philippe 6120P Celestial is a big watch. Platinum case size reaches 44mm*9.8 mm and has two big crown. Without doubt, this type would not be similar to 5940G. All those reason can be contributed to an extra module at the top, as the movement reaches 38mm. Patek Philippe 6120P is famous, and it has the home-made rotor Cal.240. Turn it around and we may feel that the movement is quite small, but it has the large module at the side of watch that could drive the moon phase display. The whole movement is thick that reaches 6.81 mm, and consists of 315 components. A Swiss Watches for Sale No matter what Patek Philippe adds, the precision would never changes.

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