Rolex GMT – Master not only was trusted by the civil aviation, military also gave high evaluation, many combat pilots have also wear the Rolex GMT-Master watches. NASA in the 1940 s and 50 s started a series of test and challenge of flight speed and height, in 1967 by the North American X15 tester hit 4534 MPH (7269 KPH), or the world record for the Mach 6.72, today no one can break. X15 record driving Pete Knight was wearing the Rolex GMT Master watch at that time, he appreciated that the GMT Master even at an altitude of 45000 feet from the ground, and under the fierce operations and more than 3.5 G of centrifugal force, was still operating normally and maintaining the observatory watch precision level. The reason that Pete Knight chose wearing the Rolex GMT-Master watch were that: Edwards Air Force Base he was belonging to had numerous heroes. In the year of 1947, Chuck Yeager drove the Bell X-1 plane to break the Sound Barrier, and he was wearing the Rolex Oyster watch that had accompanied him fighting for many years during the world war ii.

In 1976, ROLEX GMT modified again, introducing the improved model that has the stopping seconds performance. In 1980, GMT Master changed for Ref. 16750, increased the date switching performance. After that, the GMT – Master updated again for Ref. 16700, the mirror also evolved to sapphire crystal glass. In 1983, the rolex launched new evolution, Ref. 16710 GMT – Master II, the collocation with Calibre 3085 movement that has GMT clockwise that can operate independently and switching performance, and because the twenty-four hours bezel and GMT pointer can two-way rotate, to make the GMT Master have the Evolutionary performance that can show the time of three places. By the Classic design that the GMT Master insisted on, and step by step, and the evolution process of continuous improvement, it is not hard to find, it is this watchmaking culture that makes Rolex last the brand value and consumer enduring love.

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