In 2011, Mr.Biver, the CEO from Hublot declared to launch a super excellent diver watch-Oceanographic 4000 and there were two editions for options: the titanium edition and carbon-fiber edition. This series is launched out in conjunction with Monaco Maritime Museum and Monaco Albert I Maritime Research Fund. Those two bodies are well-known for their researches on marine exploration and protection. In the two watches, Titanium only has a 1000 while the carbon fire only launches 500. To resist water pressure, the whole case is sealed completely, and the mirror alone is as thick as 6.5 mm. It is similar to Rolex Submariner and other Omega diver watches, but Hublot has more high-tech materials, thus more light, so it can reaches 4000 meters under the water.

Hublot Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono is the glorious moment for the FIFA official watch in the year of 2014! This is also the first bi-retrograde watch that Hublot ever launched. The unique movement for the Hublot Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono is a masterpiece that is taken as paying homage to the football event and also a celebration for Hublot being the official watch in the FIFA in 2014 and it is Born for Football.

Over a long time, Hublot Unico movement has been outstanding among other movements. The column wheels and clutches are integrated on the side of the case, which becomes a pioneer work and also shows the flexibilities of Unico movement. There are two options: one is a Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde chrono king gold carbon and another one is Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono ceramic carbon.

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