There are many functions in a replica watch, including some simple functions like Date and Week, and complex like perpetual calendar, minute repeater, tourbillon, etc. But there is a necessary function that is both simple and complicated-power reserve. Without it, many mechanical replica watch cannot work properly. For an automatic winding replica watch, wearing it every day will keep it always full of energy; but to a manual winding one, it is necessary to have a good power reserve. Generally, a replica watch fitted with an ETA movement will have a 40 hour power reserve, or 42 at maximum. There is an example from MIDO which has arc-shaped power reserve indicator and it indicates power shortage when its hand points at the red line.

Three days of power reserve is standard and those that exceeds three can be considered having long power reserve. In the last year, Tangin rolled out a 80 hours of power reserve. In addition, Mido also released chronometer with 80 hours of power reserve.

Now there are still a lot of long power reserve replica watches in the market, including an outstanding one, IWC Portuguese 7, which has 7 days. Panerai also release some replica watches with 10 days power reserve, but it seems that those with 8 days is more known to people. Oris also produced a long power reserve replica watch of ten days as limited edition.

For example, this is an manual winding movement from Vacheron Constantin that offers 14 days energy. For another example, Lange31 once was the replica watch that has 31 days energy reserve before the appearance of Hublot MP-05 which has an amazing 50 days. It should be known that winding it up is not through your hands but through the special tools. For the best place to buy replica watches, you will save more online to get the affordable one while showing your charm.

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